July 30, 2014

Update on the Poor Little Cycad

I found the caudex (structure just above the root) with one leaf attached, flung in the yard and abandoned by whatever tried to destroy it. Likely a squirrel. I figured he had eaten it; probably sensed that it was poisonous. I could now account for all the pieces, just can't put them back together.

I scooped up the caudex and attached leaf and gave it a little pot of soil in which to rest. A good sprinkle of water and it's over on a shelf to see what develops.

I realize now that I should have used Perlite. Since I don't have any that was moot.

The pot with the roots is still sitting there. Eventually I'll pull out the roots, replace the soil and plant the Guzmania trio in that square pot.


Alison said...

Maybe it will root. That would be nice.

outlawgardener said...

Glad you were able to bury the remains, well at least partially. Darned squirrels!

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