July 31, 2014

You Can't Keep a Good Neoregelia Down and other Bromeliad Excitement

When the two oldest Neoreglias gave up their pups for potting, I tossed the near-dead old plants aside and ignored them, meaning to take them to the compost bin. Today I noticed that one lying on its side on the ground had some still-pink leaves.

Further inspection revealed a pup.

Dear to a grower's heart.
I set it up and gave it a drink. I'll leave the mother plant until the pup gains size.

Some of these were repotted this week.
There are 8 smaller pups potted up and growing.
Whatever will I do with all these, come winter?

Fortunately I decided not to separate the pups on my other Bromeliads.

I repotted the cluster of 3 Guzmanias into a square pot today.

Tillandsia cyanea, also a group of 3, has bracts. As the quills 
grow, they will produce blue flowers eventually.


Alison said...

I bought an already flowering one this winter, and recently noticed there are 3 or 4 pups coming up around it. I guess I need to leave them for a while longer?

outlawgardener said...

So sweet that mom is producing another pup for you! I'm thinking that perhaps you need another greenhouse. Maybe you could have a plant sale?

Jean Campbell said...

I like to leave them until they're about half the height of the mother plant, but I've pulled off little bitty ones that did fine, Alison. If you pull them off before they're really big, you'll probably get more as long as there's life in the old plant.

Peter, I'll cram them all in somewhere. There's always the laundry room where I used to put the Epis and force Hyacinths before there was a greenhouse. There's not much of a market for plant sales out in rural areas. I sometimes give away plants in the middle of winter just to encourage people that spring will come again. Makes room for seedlings.

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