August 28, 2014

Alternanthera 'Purple Knight' forced to make room for a Better Boy

Alternanthera is a grand foliage plant. The smaller cultivars make great edgers, fillers and contrast material.

"Purple Knight' is usually a weaver among tall stems. I used it last year with leggy purple/pink roses.

The greenhouse has Purple Knight seedlings from years back rooted in the floor under the south bench. It filled the south side of the building. Temperatures over 100º encourage it in bright sunshine and plenty of moisture from the mist system.

I figured it shades the few little cuttings and seedlings on the shelf underneath it, so I let it grow. With fall coming on, it has to be cut back to the ground.

This tomato cutting in a bucket needs the corner space.
It tends to grow up and out until unrestrained it could fill a 75 cubit foot space: 5'x5'x5' and is in the way in the middle of the greenhouse. 

This corner must be freed for the Tomato.

Despite the heat, nighttime temps got low enough to set fruit.

Blooms keep coming. I hope for  more fruit set.

I don't know how I'll fit everything in when time comes. Amaryllis can hang out in the tool shed while they dry off awaiting time for Christmas bloom. A host of Christmas Cactus and their relatives will vie for shelf space along with some potted Calla Lilies that have stayed green but found it too hot to bloom. The Bromeliad Bunch will take up considerable room. My Bird's Nest Fern is bigger than ever, don't know if it will stuff under the lowest shelf where it was happy last year. 

I put off taking cuttings. Shrimp Plants are a must; Persian Shield may be fewer. Pineapple Sage might just be one big pot, it's been such a water hog this summer waiting for fall bloom. I'm considering how many Pentas I can squeeze in. Oh. Where will I put the pots of Begonia, Foxtail Fern and Spider Plant trios? I potted them up together last year to save space. Maybe others will have to bunk together this year. Wonder what else could share containers? 

I gave the Cat notice that traveling space to get to his favorite perch will be shorter and narrower this time.  I was hoping for a little tea table and a couple of chairs. 

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outlawgardener said...

So long Purple Knight, hello tomato cutting! I have so enjoyed seeing the many ways you use your greenhouse and am very excited as we're getting bids to turn our garage into a greenhouse. One has come in and it looks like we will be able to afford it.

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