September 23, 2014

Cat and Skin and Put It All In

Mama used to say when she was sewing and had less material than the pattern called for, if she could arrange the pieces just so and maybe piece a pattern part, "Cat and skin and put it all in," meaning she'd managed to have barely enough fabric.

Yesterday's greenhouse cleaning was going great until a thunderstorm blew in and interrupted. This morning when I went out to clean some more, a keen wind was blowing. As I admired my clean shelf of yellow cache pots and thought about where Bromeliads would go, seeing the Epiphyllum at right reminded me that there were 5 more Epis to bring in, some with buds.


These buds had really grown since I last took a good look.

I managed to squeeze them in to display best bud effect.

As I admired four pots in place, I remembered...

There was another small, gangly pot to place!

I squeezed in the last pot.

I climbed on a stool for an aerial view of the Bromeliad
tree and how it fits among the jungle cacti.

As I admired how I'd managed cat and skin -- I realized I'd 
put it all in -- where the cat naps in winter!

I've covered the cat walk where he walked around to go behind the east wall shelves and used to nap where the big blue and black pot sits.

The cat is adapable. When I finally clean Annie's Brass Pitcher and the junk off the potting bench, Kitty will be right at home on that surface.

As I worked, the sun came out and I realized there's still ample time to bring in all the pots that were summering outside. I brought in the Bird's Nest Fern and as I looked for scale and other critters, found a little green frog who promises to keep down the bug population.


outlawgardener said...

How exciting to be bringing all the green kids in for a cozy stay in the greenhouse for the winter. The cat will have to find a new path.

Alison said...

I'm sure the cat will find a new favorite spot. You've reminded me that I need to start thinking about where to stuff all my over-wintering plants too. I of course bought more over the spring and summer than was in there last winter, so now I'm going to have to find room for everything. It's like a clown car!

Anonymous said...

Is the banner photo with the chicken new? I really like it.

Jean Campbell said...

Thanks, Outlaw and Alison. 'Clown Car' is a great description. There's a fern that's hanging out a vent in the roof and I can hardly close the doors.

The Rooster isn't new. There was a tin rooster in the atrium garden where my late brother the Colonel was in the nursing home in his last days. I think of him when I look at my rooster.

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