September 24, 2014

Greenhouses Fill Up Fast

Everything in a pot is safely inside. At least I think so. Pots of Calla Lilies line the south edge under the bench. I combined 4 pots of Angel Wing Begonia into one and tucked the other one between some Arrowhead vine that spent the summer where they are. The Areca Palm will be moving around until it settles. Wax begonias are heeled out in a basket to just survive until spring when they'll be divided, rooted and set in a shady bed I have planned.

Is there room on the pebble trays for all the cuttings 
I still need to take and some Hyacinth bulbs to force?

An empty plastic pot and a couple of saucers mark the only other available space. I need room there to get to the tomato plant, which has a turning fruit.
Burro Tails spent the summer outside and reached some size. Every broken piece is rooted. 

There were no big pots of Christmas Cactus last year. They tend to grow. I have teeny cuttings and 27 mid-sized plants besides these.

 Blue pots and green pots hold mid-sized Christmas Cactuses, except for 2 or 3  in yellow pots on another shelf that have cream colored (yellow) blooms.

One of my secrets: inverted pots that elevate plants that need room to hang are often cracked pots with the broken side hidden from view. 

Just remembered there is a pink wax begonia in the ground that 
I meant to dig and pot....

Bromeliads tend to grow during summer, too.
The upper shelf holds some rooted bits and pieces.

I hope you are entertained by a peek into the greenhouse. The potting bench still holds a lot of non-plant material that needs moving to the tool shed so there's room for the cat, who is being very patient about all this.


Alison said...

Those inverted cracked pots for the plants that need room to hang -- that's brilliant!

outlawgardener said...

Wow, greenhouses do fill up fast! I'm hoping that all of my tender plants can wait for two more weeks as the greenhouse project should be completed by then, Lord willing and the river don't rise.

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