September 09, 2014

Of Cabbages

Christmas Eve, 2013

Today I planted seeds for red cabbage, a type of little green head cabbage and broccoli in little trays. A flat holds 12 red, 12 green and 12 broccoli. By the time they're good size, weather outside should be cool enough for them to thrive.

I did remember to make a label for each kind.

In early 2014 Cabbage and Broccoli were successful winter crops. Black Kale was successful but we were not keen on eating an abundance of Kale, so I am not planting that this year. Kale did not stand up to light frosts as well as cabbage and broccoli. Broccoli kept bearing smaller florets after the first heads were cut. Cabbages will send up tiny heads from the cut stem that look like Brussels Sprouts.

My plan is to put cabbage and broccoli behind tomatoes that I am about to pull in the Fruit Yard. Red cabbage is going in a flower bed where Zinnias are now.


Alison said...

Kale does really well here, and every local foodie and veggie garden blogger is always talking about how great it is. I don't like it.

outlawgardener said...

You'll be in cabbage for months! Yum!

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