September 16, 2014

Potting Up Foliage Cuttings

When I went to look after He-Who Mowed went around the edges of flower beds, he'd gone a bit close here. Chartreuse Alternanthera was clipped off and covered with grass clippings. Most of Melampodium was gone, not a great loss since it volunteers where it will and gets left to bloom undisturbed until the mower comes by.

After the Mower.

If I'd gone out and edged the beds the way they needed, everything would still be neat and pretty. Heat and humidity made me a lazy gardener. 

Chartreuse properly edged and mulched.

I picked up the best of what would make cuttings and stuck some Chartreuse pieces in a pot of soil; the longer pieces went into a mug of water. 

Last September's cuttings. I am a week ahead.

Fairly long pieces of Setcreasea went into a vase of water. I want another long container of Purple Heart cuttings to grow over and hang down like a waterfall but I was not ready to prepare that just yet.

Last Spring's box of Purple Heart and Persian Shield.
I want Purple Heart to hang down like a waterfall.

Maybe I could just dig up the above where I planted it out.

I still have to edge those beds.


outlawgardener said...

How nice that he automated your cutting process. Great that you're ahead of last year!

Alison said...

If it were as hot here as it is there, I wouldn't be out there edging beds either. The one-picture posts aren't a blogging trend, except for me. I did one-picture posts this month just because I didn't have the inclination to take lots of photos, and I figure people get bored with long posts. Just trying to change things up, and post the best pictures I took.

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