September 29, 2014

Sternbergia and other Fall Blooming Bulbs

It's always a surprise when the blooms of Sternbergia erupt from bare ground.

Sternbergia lutea, sent to me from Texas Gardener 
Barbara Nason several years ago.

Sternbergias are sometimes called 'Autumn Crocus' but they are of the Amaryllis family which makes them less susceptible to being eaten by critters. I think mine would like more sun.

We're still getting fresh blooms from Oxblood Lilies

 Rhodophiala bifida with Purple and Chartreuse for Fall.

The Red Spiders of Lycoris radiata persist, too.

All these bulbs will have green foliage during the winter, dying back in spring for summer dormancy before next fall's bloom. Careful placement keeps them from being sliced into during spring and summer planting.

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