September 26, 2014

The Things I Put Off for Cool Weather Nag Me

Now that the worst hot weather is over, I just want to enjoy the Fall rather than doing the tasks I put off in August.

Summering Succulents and Bromeliads moved indoors
out of the Post Garden.

Sticks with lichens await fall projects.

 Both white and red Pentas need cuttings taken, and all the pink colors. I did not take cuttings last year and regretted it when Spring came and not all came back from roots. New plants are more vigorous.

Persian Shield needs cuttings taken. Purple Heart needs 
cuttings too. Last year they grew in the same container.

Sometimes Duranta cuttings bloom all winter indoors.

I washed the greenhouse outside in late spring. A rainy summer left it with algae growing on the outside again. 

Fall vegetables need patches prepared.

I feel like a grasshopper. Oh, there's another task. Fire ants must be dealt with. Cold does not kill fire ants.

Pick up and store hoses and sprinklers and other apparatus. Secure faucets.

If we do these things now, we won't be out in a cold wind trying to get them done before an early freeze catches us. 

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Alison said...

I put off planting things all summer because of the dryness. Now that the rain is back, I need to get out there and plant, so that the rain can water them in and get them established before winter. But I'm still putting those chores off.

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