September 03, 2014

What a Bargain! Bromeliad Vriesea

We went to Alabama City today and stopped at the Big Box store that is the same as our local Big Box garden center except that sometimes it has something wonderful that I've not seen at home.

I found this Vriesea splendens Red.

Oh, Snap, you say. It bloomed already. It will die. It's a pitiful specimen.

Turned around this way you see the Pups! Two of them.

... and it was only 2 dollars.

... marked down from $7.98.

Now I have to decide whether to immediately remove the pups on the chance that more pups may grow before the mother plant dies, or let them grow on. Maybe I'll just repot in a bit larger container and let the group stay together through the winter to conserve space.

I went in there hoping for a Strelitzia. They had everything but a bird. I even saw Heliotrope. Crotons and Mums were everywhere. Besides the Bromeliad, I bought some Azalea Pots and two switches for lamps that needed repair. 

I saw some pots that might be perfect for the Bromeliad tree I'm planning. This new plant will want more shade than Neoregelias and Tillandisias, so it won't join that party. 

The little pot was outgrown by another Bromeliad, 2 years ago.

We had 2.6 inches of rain last night. 


outlawgardener said...

Great bargain! It's fun to find treasures like this on the sale tables!

Alison said...

I was at a big box store today too, looking at Bromeliads. You found a great bargain. I've learned not to overlook the plants with spent flowers, cause chances are they will produce pups.

Jean Campbell said...

"Pups" was out big lesson for 2014. There was a whole flat of these, but only 1 had 2 pups. The others will probably produce soon, but I had to think about winter space.

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