October 12, 2014

Camellia Seeds

When the little seed pods on Camellias that look like little apples all summer turn brown and open up, it is hard to resist the nearly round seeds about the size of a marble.

Sometimes I get there too late -- it's not something I think about every day. I crawl around on the ground looking for seeds below the empty open pod and sometimes I find them.

If I plant Camellia seeds now, I will have well passed my Diamond Jubilee before they're nearly ready to bloom. It's a slow process that takes years. 

I set some small seedlings in the garden last fall, or was it this spring? They survived so far. There's one in a pot with two ugly leaves but has put on a new twig with pretty leaves. 

Seedling Camellias frequently look nothing like their parents. This seedling is unlike any others that grow here.

So why should I consider planting any more seeds? Well, one of the pods that I managed to capture seeds is from the only Camellia sasanqua growing here. I'm curious to see if the offspring will have white blossoms like the parent or whether it may have been pollinated by bees bringing pollen from a mile or more away.

Or should I just go dig more spots to plant cabbage seedlings? I might just tuck the seeds in the ground between some small Gardenias beside the greenhouse and dig any that sprout and grow, later.


Alison said...

Wow! That seedling Camellia has a beautiful flower, it reminds me of Christmas candy canes.

outlawgardener said...

How cool! I'd no idea that the seed would be so large! I'll definitely save the one that my camellia set this year!

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