October 10, 2014

Cuttings, and Shrimp Seeds, and a Question about Amaryllis

Cuttings should have been struck weeks ago. Better now than never.

Pentas, 5 colors.

Right now they are under mist on the floor. Later they'll go on a shelf. We are back in a warm spell to be followed by rain in a few days which should help.

Six cuttings each of Porterweed, blue and coral. I put 3 Duranta cuttings in a 4" pot to see if they will bloom through the winter, which they sometimes will. Four pots have two cuttings each  of Purple Heart and 5 cuttings of Persian Shield.

Pentas and Porterweed usually come back reliably in the Spring, but cuttings are nice for a head start on Butterfly nectar plants.  Persian Shield returns; cuttings will likely bloom in the greenhouse, a fun thing. Purple Heart is good to have, inside and out.

Shrimp plants are others sure to bloom in winter. I haven't taken cuttings but pots are ready to receive cuttings of both red and white Shrimps.

White Shrimp plants have formed seeds. The dry pods hold several seeds the size of the head of a pin. I've never seen these before, plan to plant a few.

Where are all these plants going for Winter? I'm beginning to wonder myself.

Remember all those little bean-like leaves of Burro-Tail Sedum that I kept putting in tiny containers? They're starting to grow and will need bigger homes than yogurt cups soon.

Amaryllis in pots will have to move inside soon. I cut back 2 at the end of August. An Appleblossom that was sitting in a dry corner started putting out new growth so I watered it and guess what? You'll see what it did, soon.

I'm trialing different ways of letting them dry off as experts direct, and some ways of growing that are not written anywhere. Amaryllis don't 'rest' in Malaysia. Amaryllis grown in the ground die back outdoors here when frost kills the tops and new growth and blooms are triggered by warm weather in Spring. Are they cut back in South Africa and Holland when they're dug because it makes shipping easier, or is it necessary? Am I the only one who questions these things?

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