October 15, 2014

October Bloom Day Outside the Greenhouse

There are no blooms to speak of inside.

Outside is an abundance of crimson Salvia elegans blooms.

I tucked Pineapple sage between Gardenia plants on the north side. Plants in full sun did not fare so well. I need to take cuttings.

Lantana montevidensis on the south side.

By the door a rusty well bucket with no bottom holds
Sweet Alyssum and a Gerbera Daisy from seeds of a white.
A spoon mashed flat in a vise in a pot beside these is 
stamped THYME using an alphabet die set. 

A few Begonia Bits not worth a photo and some blooms on my Tall Tomato plant are the blossoms inside. The Tall Tomato that I shook faithfully in hopes of some pollen finding the right spot now has tiny tomatoes -- I counted five before I gave the plant some fertilizer.

There's a plant inside with a fat bud that I can hardly wait for bloom.
Clue: it's a big blossom and fragrant and two months ahead of schedule.


Alison said...

Oh, oh, oh! Is it one of your Epiphyllums about to bloom?

Jean Campbell said...

No signs of bloom among the Epis. It's a bulb that I wasn't expecting to throw out a bulb so early.

Jean Campbell said...

A bud, not a bulb, above.

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