October 04, 2014

Tonight's the Night for Night Bloomers

Epiphyllum oxypetalum will open about 4 pretty flowers tonight, among the season's last. I'll post them as they open if I can stay up that late.

The bottom flower will open tonight. Pic at 8:30 pm.
The Epiphyllum bud above it will open tomorrow night.

Update about 10 pm:

The board says "Dirt Therapy"

Four open blossoms tonight. Each looks like the other.

10:45 was as late as I could stay up:

Goodnight, Sweet Epis.

Because of the cooler weather, the blooms were still open when I went out early next morning. Pictures of wide open blossoms are HERE.


Other greenhouse news is that today we cut cedar boards for greenhouse shelving. I knew when we bought metal frames with cheap composition board shelving that the shelving wouldn't last because of moisture -- it was temporary.

Today we cut lengths of cedar boards -- our cedar is Eastern Red Cedar, really Juniper, fragrant and long lasting. The rough boards were cut on this place more than 50 years ago. MIL intended that cedar chests be made from them but it never happened. Never planed, more than 8 feet long, 1x4s, 1x6 and 1x8s.

I saved every little fragrant scrap where he squared the ends, and end pieces that were too short to use on the shelves. The greenhouse smelled like a cedar chest when I opened the door to get Epi pics.

Every pot and object had to be moved to put in the boards, so most everything has a new place for now, subject to frequent change.


Alison said...

Oh, I bet it smelled wonderful in there. I hosted a plant exchange at my garden yesterday, and got a cutting for a white Epiphyllum. I hope it takes.

Jean Campbell said...

It's hard to prevent it taking root, Alison, unless you let it sit in soggy soil for a long time.

outlawgardener said...

Exciting news, Jean! Cedar shelving would be great as it repels some pests and smells divine to humans! Those epis are gorgeous!

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