November 07, 2014

A Month Behind on Bulbs

I'm not behind on bulbs to plant in the garden -- it's still warm here and those can wait. I am behind on forcing bulbs, despite having had an Amaryllis bloom in a pot already.


We went to the city yesterday and stopped at Lowe's because their selections are a little different from our local HD. I found a bag of 15 Hyacinths for ten dollars. The cardboard label showed 10 different hyacinth shades. I would bet from the bulbs I separated that their are no more than 3 different in this bag.

I always separate Hyacinth bulbs by color and plant like colors together. Even if they are different cultivars they will blend better that way, pinks and purples together, whites and yellows in another pot.

After I gave them a small drink of water I put the pots in plastic bags, labeled and put to chill in a dedicated refrigerator where no fruit is stored.

 I always put a future date so I don't have to count from the date I potted them. They need more than 7 weeks of chill but this will give me a target date for checking on them -- right after Christmas.


After I potted the Hyacinths, I went out and dug some Amaryllis bulbs crowded by this Kniphofia that bloomed a last blossom two weeks ago. There were 5 small bulbs and one full-sized.

Last April they looked like this:

I'll hope for bloom sometime after Christmas. The smaller bulbs can grow on in some fresh potting mix. 

While I was out there, I clipped some Alternanthera to root in water during winter. The mug has sentiment -- my brother bought it at a yard sale. My nephew mailed it to me after Bob's death, saying he knew it was meant for me.

Notice the cedar boards above? We had to improvise a way to make the boards stay in place after there was a minor disaster when He-Who pulled on a shelf when he climbed up to oil the exhaust fan motor.

Each center board now has two metal screws on each end, holding the metal frame to the board and securing the frame so that it does not bow out.

Moving everything to take the shelf unit down freed up space when the Schlumbergeras moved to the north wall. It will fill up fast. Even the colored lights had to be repositioned.

Yellow pots have gone into hiding as soon as the bottom shelf gets green plants in front of them. The back shelf of the potting bench has changed pots again (below). I like a line of white best, I think. 

There's a Schlumbergera in the center planning to be a Thanksgiving Cactus.

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