November 29, 2014

Another Peek into the Greenhouse

The heaters are unplugged. Tonight's low above 40º leads into a week of temps above 50º -- we do have ups and downs.

 Bloggers have discussed recently about whether their Schlumbergeras are Thanksgiving or Christmas Cactus.

With careful choosing and the least bit of manipulation of light, water and temperature you might produce a Thanksgiving Cactus and others for Advent,
Hanukkuh, Christmas and Boxing Day.

The Schlumbergera behind this pink one have buds of varying sizes, none about to open.

I'll spare you another look at my Tomato Plant that reaches to the roof. Cold has delayed ripening but the fruits look super.

I tugged at a culm of an Areca Palm this summer and it came out of the pot. It's putting on new fronds. You know how I am about every little piece of anything not being tossed aside?

Bromeliad tree. I didn't step back far enough to get the top.

These two little fellows still have a piece of their dead mother attached.
They are in too much shade to have bright color.

A house full of all one kind of Bromeliad is kind of overwhelming. The ones in pots demand a lot of room. I almost let one over behind other plants die for lack of water. Maybe I don't have to save every little pup. I am surprised that Spanish Moss seems content hanging with the Neoregelias.

When it was too cold to play outdoors I did a lot of reading about ways of keeping plants through the winter. A sunny window will carry lots of plants as will a grow light. Gardeners will find a way.


outlawgardener said...
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outlawgardener said...

Your bromeliad tree looks great and I especially like it with the Spanish moss around it! I was thinking of moving some Schlumbergera cuttings out to the greenhouse but read somewhere on the interweb that they are only hardy to 50 degrees. Is that true? My greenhouse sometimes has dipped into the 40's.

Jean Campbell said...

Oh my goodness! Don't tell my plants. They get down below 40º sometimes if it is real cold, but only for a couple hours at a time just before day.

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