November 03, 2014

First Frost November 3

We are about to have the 'here comes winter weather' roller coaster. Last night's predicted low of 32º did not dip that low but low enough for scattered frost.

The next 3 days predicted lows are 42, 52, and 62 on Thursday morning. Then we go the other way: 49, 39. Who knows what lies after that? I am just hopeful that my plants are getting the idea about making sugars for freeze protection before it is too late.

A gopher tortoise has his winter home ready. He'll probably be joined by a snake or two, maybe an armadillo and who knows what else.
I found this new tortoise burrow on the way to look at the persimmon trees. They were stripped of all fruit and most of the leave have fallen.

Nice groves of sumac have sprung up under the edges of Live Oak trees. These and Sassafras are our best source of fall red color.

A different sumac grove. Deer browse these. I found some today that still had berries, now dry and brown. Notice grasses near the fence at left.

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

We haven't anything like that predicted but frost just the same...I did not like sumac, but oh my, does it make for pretty fall color.

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