November 25, 2014

Greenhouse Update on a Wet and Raw Day

It was wet and raw outside today. It was damp in the greenhouse and not much warmer because the sun never peeked out.

Thanksgiving Cactuses are beginning bloom.

Just a bouquet -- some of these may root.


Paper whites in a pot of soil with roots and shoots.
These are homegrown bulbs from a neighbor, not purchased.

I did not hang around after I filled the water jugs and set heaters back in place in preparation for colder nights near Thanksgiving. I've been doing more reading about heat loss, temperature mediation and insulation techniques.


outlawgardener said...

You have so many gorgeous blooms in your greenhouse right now. I planted paperwhites this year for the first time and will be enjoying their fragrance in a few weeks. Do you save them from year to year or discard them after forcing?

Jean Campbell said...

I save them from year to year. Paperwhites tend to pull them down into the soil and stop blooming after a couple of years.

Hyacinths are longer lived. I have some chilling in a refrigerator.

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