November 02, 2014

Just a Peek, There Is a Freeze Advisory

I'm not ready. I didn't take cuttings in August. Late cuttings look poorly; I may dump some of them.

Rethinking, always rethinking. Perhaps I'll plant more Tropical seeds in the spring for an early start of Ricinus and other exotic plants. I've saved many annual seeds. The tray at right upper holds bits and pieces of rooted plants where tiny pieces broke off. I can't resist rooting. There are 2 pots across the way full of Angel Wing Begonia. I was compelled to root that one little piece that broke.

Wait! It's time to plant November seeds and the beds are not ready. Jonquillas and Narcissus await planting. I didn't bring in pots of Amaryllis -- if frost burns the leaves I'll cut them back and let them rest which they should be doing anyhow.

 I so enjoyed this Amaryllis that bloomed kind of out of season and is fading.

This is how a collection starts -- in 2012 this was a single tiny pot of Burro Tail. I saved every little piece that broke and every little bean-like leaf. You can't see the yoghurt cups with more little rootlings.

Ah, Autumn. Comes the buds of Camellia sasanqua beginning to show white. Late this afternoon I plugged in the heaters, checked the thermostats and shut the greenhouse doors.


Alison said...

I finally finished moving everything that needs shelter into the greenhouse this weekend, although we don't have a frost or a freeze in the offing, at least not for a couple of weeks. I cut off all those bare burro's tail ends and set them in cactus soil to see if they root. I also saved all the little jelly bean leaves that fell off and laid them on some soil. If you need some Ricinus seeds for the spring, I think I will have lots, let me know, and I'll send you some.

outlawgardener said...

Everything looks nicely tucked in and safe from the cold. Your constant rethinking is admirable. I feel lucky if I think once!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I am swearing off more container plants but I have been eyeballing this planter that those burrow tails would look so awesome in...

Jean Campbell said...

The head planter? It would be fun to plant it with burro tails.

Southern Rural Route said...

You are worried about not getting cuttings? After my first fall garden was washed away in heavy rains, I never got back out there to plant anything. I feel bad about it but, on the other hand, I have other interests this fall.

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