December 15, 2014

Blooms that Failed to Make the Cut

Every Bloom Day I want to show every blossom but try to restrain myself to a baker's dozen or fewer. These were left behind when choices were made for the official Bloom Day post on Seedscatterer.

Christmas Cactus and my bark planter. 
Oh, look! Purple heart has tiny pink blooms!

Another view of Laura Bush petunia.

Another peek at red Shrimp Plant.

Silk Grass and Lantana in mulch.

Loropetalum blooms and red leaves.

Begonias are faithful bloomers in winter indoors.

Newly potted rooted Pineapple Sage.

A peek at a white Christmas Cactus.

Alternananthera cuttings with tiny clover-like blooms.

Schlumbergera, can't have too many.

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These are all lovely too!

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