December 26, 2014

Hits and Misses 2014 in the Greenhouse

I made a list of Hits and Misses last year in the greenhouse. Every year is different, so here's this year's list.

Early in the year I had a plethora of Hyacinths planted in 2013 with bits of succulents.

Hyacinths: I didn't order off for bulbs for fall of 2014. When I finally picked up a bag at a big box store, it was late. When I put the pots in a refrigerator I forgot we still had some pears from the summer. Oops. The bulbs have roots. I'll bring them out soon but I despair of seeing blossoms because gas from fruit probably caused the blooms to die in the bulb. We'll see. Probable Miss but the bulbs will recover for next year once they go in the ground in spring so all is not lost. Next winter I want purple or beet red Hyacinths.

Cycad seedling -- a Hit turned into a Miss. I grew a successful seedling only to be thwarted by a hateful squirrel when I put the plant outdoors in a pot. There are seeds again this year. Maybe I'll try again. It was a thrill when that tiny shoot first appeared.

Colorful Pots. I love colorful pots. They rotate around the greenhouse according to whims.
Success with Agapanthus seeds.

Kalanchoe and Amaryllis -- both late this year. I had one early Hippeastrum that was really pretty out of season. Everything else is on its own schedule. One of the great-grands chose my biggest Kalanchoe as his plant to take home. It had buds. Small rosettes of Kalanchoe may bloom in January, a welcome sight.

Tomatoes are a big Hit. Imagine a fresh tomato sandwich on Christmas Eve. I think I really got lucky with a little sucker from a Better Boy plant. I will try again next year. Indeterminate plants are best if you want plants to the ceiling and continuous growth.

Dwarf marigolds, Thyme and Zinnia Seedlings were a hit. I have seed to do these again.

Bird's Nest Fern Spores -- were a Miss, totally. I'll do better to buy tiny Bird's Nest Ferns and grow them to large size.

Succulents: Sedum morganianum, Rhipsalis, Kalanchoe, Graptopetalum. All are easy to grow and make new plants from tiny bits.

Succulent balls ended up a miss after two years. Based on the 'Rainforest Drops' idea, I made grapevine balls and planted them with Schlumbergera with a Neoregelia in the top. Pretty for about a year, they lived but they did not thrive the way the same plants in pots of their own did. Once I removed the Neoreglia to a pot, it began to grow and so did the Christmas Cactuses when they went into pots of soil.

Bromeliad tree: a success. Neoregelias and Spanish moss with bits of lichen on a preserved pine stump, upside down.

I would make more Bromeliad trees if there was more space in the greenhouse. Next year's plans include more tomatoes -- real space hogs. Maybe I could find a long piece of heart pine for a really vertical tree. Neoregelias in pots take up much space and pups grow fast.

If I had to name a favorite I choose Schlumbergera. They are easy to grow, bloom like crazy during the season from Thanksgiving into the New Year and make popular gifts.

A sample of some of my favorite Hits and most disliked Misses.


Alison said...

That tomato was most definitely a fabulous and delicious hit. I managed to sprout some Agapanthus seeds too, but I don't think the babies survived. I never did plant them out in the garden, but I still have the little 4-inch pots where they grew. Maybe they'll come back from the root in the spring.

Jean Campbell said...

My next seedling trial may be Meyer Lemons. I am saving seeds from the ones I use for hot lemonade. I also saved seeds of white Echinacea.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I enjoyed this greenhouse review. Thanks for sharing.

outlawgardener said...

A great year in review! I'm still mad at that squirrel and happy for your tomato success!

chloris said...

A lovely post. I love seeing what people have in their greenhouses. I am very impressed by the tomatoes for Xmas.
Agapanthus are always worth growing from seed, you never know what lovely variations you will get.

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