December 03, 2014

My New Phalenopsis

We were in a store. I was at a store computer looking up something  I'd seen online that nobody in the store could find. 

I'd already mentioned that I needed a new yard rake. I said to He-Who-Mows, "Can you find me a rake and get one of those orchids over there on that display? "You mean a sweeper?" he asked. Sometimes we do not speak the same language.

He picked up the first plant he came to. I would still be circling the display, comparing the foliage of every plant and counting the blooms. He did choose a 
pretty color.

I keep orchids in the house, not the greenhouse.


Alison said...

Well, of course, flowers that pretty and long-lasting belong inside the house, where you can admire them whenever you're near. I tried orchids a few years ago, but they declined and died.

Jean Campbell said...

Even when they are not blooming I keep them in the house where they seem happy enough and rebloom on their own schedule. They get the least bit of morning sun.

outlawgardener said...

A beautiful addition to your collection! He who mows did a good job selecting this lovely. Maybe you should keep him around.

Southern Rural Route said...

I think He-Who-Mows took care of the angst you would have suffered in trying to pick one. He did good.

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