December 17, 2014

Seed Collection Trays from Almost Nothing, and some Pots.

I found patterned duct tape at Dollar Tree to try the simple trays I pinned on Pinterest.

The animal prints are cute but the tape is flimsy and there is only 10 feet on a roll. Patterned Duck Brand tape has 10 YARDS to a roll, 15 yards in solid colors. Duck Brand tape has not offered me any tape to say that, just an observation.

I used shoe box lids and a bigger cardboard box bottom. When I get more tape of the sturdier kind, I'll make more. They look nicer than the styrofoam meat or vegetable trays I usually use.

There is always something that needs a flat surface with edges to contain it: drying seeds, collections of sticks with lichens, seashells for a project, succulent cuttings that need to harden -- there is an endless list.

Santa Mugs from the Dollar Tree can hold a rooted 
cutting for giving away. Breyer's yogurt cups just fit inside.

My new pot -- perfectly holds a gallon nursery pot.

Two sizes of the pot on the left. I was limited by how many pots I could carry half a block to the car. The little pots in the near ground are from -- you 
guessed -- Dollar Tree. I passed them up last spring in favor of the bright colored pots that hold the 3.5 plastic pots. Now I needed the earthy colors, or so I thought. 

We have to change yogurt brands when I find a plastic container that fits the smaller pots, or maybe buy smaller sizes of something else.



KMG said...

Cute idea! I like the pots too - my customers know I take any old pots they are done with and I find bundles of them often at my garden gate. I like the idea of using yogurt cups as liners.
Glad I found your blog!

outlawgardener said...

Love the seed collection tray idea! Your new big pot is gorgeous! I love metallic glazes! I may steal your dollar store Santa mug gift plant idea! Very clever. I'm rooting a lot of schlumbergera bits that spontaneously fell off one of my plants this summer. By next Christmas they'll be a perfect size for a mug.

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