January 05, 2015

A Peek into the Greenhouse as We Anticipate Freezes

I hauled the heaters back in that we'd not needed all through the Holidays. They're plugged in and ready with 6-7 gallon jugs of water in front of each one to collect heat and release more slowly. They're not pretty, so I don't show those.

The prettiest things right now are Begonias.

I kept pinching off rosettes of leaves from Kalanchoe
until I have a total of 20. These largest will bloom soon.

I tried to tie up the tomato plant. Some of it leans against the 
greenhouse wall. I'm afraid some leaves may freeze. All these projects are learning experiences. Will I do better next year? 

He who mows suggested that I use the pantyhose that got all twisted up with other clothing in the washer today and came out as long as I am tall to tie up tomatoes. 

Remember the succulent planter I improvised? Everything looks good. The Kalanchoe is too young and the Schlumbergeras are done with blooms. I don't know if I will be able to hang it as a vertical planter or not.

Claus Dalby featured Calla Lilies on his blog today. He mentioned that they need plenty of fertilizer through the winter, good tip. I hope to see foliage soon where I repotted Calla bulbs that were white and firm. I am hopeful. I've brought Calla Lilies to bloom before but it's been a while back when the greenhouse was new.

I don't know that putting jugs of water in front of my electric heaters is a helpful exercise or not but it cannot hurt. It seems reasonable to me that warm air blowing on jugs of water will heat the water a little rather than all the warm air rising immediately to the ceiling where it is not going to fall back down. When the heater cycles off, heat can slowly leave the water jugs. Or not. What a notion. When the weather warms, I use the containers of water for watering. I water plants individually, not with the hose that I use to fill water bottles. Sun warms water jugs, too. Every little bit helps, in my opinion.

Take Joy in staying warm.


outlawgardener said...

It won't be freezing here for the next 10 days according to the forecast. Sorry to hear that you're getting cold temps! You are able to pack so many interesting things in your greenhouse and still have it look beautiful. I've been thinking about more vertical shelving options. I thought of you when I was at a big national chain store and saw amaryllis with soil, moss, and a ceramic cache pot on sale for $6.95. They still had quite a few and I was feeling cheap so I'll wait until they cut the prices again before dragging any home.

Jean Campbell said...

I found Christmas lights for two and three dollars today. I didn't even think of looking for Amaryllis. I am moving into 'industrial style' mode. More on that later.

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