January 13, 2015

Does Your Greenhouse Need a Headhouse?

One learns the best new things when looking for something else. I'd never heard of a Headhouse until last night.

I aspire to a headhouse between the greenhouse and the farm equipment barn.

A Headhouse is a structure usually attached or adjacent to a greenhouse or greenhouses that serves as a storage facility, potting shed and garden equipment garage in my case.

Large greenhouse operations may use a headhouse as an entry building, office, employee lunchroom and utility control facility in addition to storage. Ms. Stewart's is a handsome stone edifice.

An ideal layout would put a headhouse on north side of a greenhouse as a windbreak. That is not going to happen here. We plan to disrupt as few of existing structures as possible including plantings that divert rainwater and prevent flooding.

I realized that there would be much more greenhouse space for plants if I stopped storing large bags of potting mix and empty pots and trays in there.

He-Who-Mows wants to reclaim the space in his farm workshop area taken up by my tiller, edger, chipper/shredder, weed whacker, emergency heat devices, hoses and watering equipment, garden truck,  spare greenhouse polycarbonate panels, old storm windows slated for a cool greenhouse lean-to somewhere, Christmas lights, little green wagon and garden furniture.

We'll see. If it happens I plan to call it the Mule Barn rather than a Headhouse.




Alison said...

I've never heard that term before either. I currently have my empty pots and potting soil outside the greenhouse in big plastic lidded storage bins. But there's still more stuff in there in space that could be put to better use for plants.

KMG said...

I want one too. My son builds portable barns and we have talked about where to place mine. I have a covered area now - sort of a lean-to shed roof that provides dry storage but I want a walled space where I can pot during bad weather and get the potting work out of the greenhouse that is bursting with plants!

outlawgardener said...

A new term for me as well. Mule barn sounds like a more fun title!

Ally said...

As a gardener that never seems to have enough storage space, I can completely appreciate the idea of a head house. My primary potting area is actually some distance from my greenhouse, which isn't always very convenient. My dream is to build my husband a big workshop, so I can have the garden storage shed to myself for all my gardening stuff.

Jean Campbell said...

At our place it is the opposite, Ally. The headhouse (I call it the Mule Barn) will free up space in my husband's workshop.

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