January 16, 2015

Foliage Follow Up: Strobilanthes, Kalanchoe and Alternanthera

Persian Shield is a fav foliage plant. Most people grow it for the purple and silver leaves. Sometimes in late winter it blooms in the greenhouse, blue cone-shaped blossoms. I see no signs of them. Yet. 

 Alternanthera is one of the easiest foliage plants to propagate I know. I always have mugs of it growing in water and stick several stems in pots too. Chartreuse is my fav but the red is pretty, too.

Note the little clover-like blooms.

Somebody, I forgot who, mentioned that their Kalanchoe plant was not doing so well. I start anew every fall with little cuttings. They do well. Old plants tend to get leggy and the stems get corky.

I like them so well I stuck a few more rosettes of leaves.

I vowed to have more than just white and then failed to buy Kalanchoe in colors last summer. What seems like a great idea in winter sometimes pales in the heat of summer. Maybe this year.


Alison said...

With me, it's not so much that ideas pale in summer, but I just plain forget all the brilliant ideas I had. Too often my brain is like a gardener's riddle.

outlawgardener said...

Fingers still crossed for the Hyacinth blooms! Things are looking good in your greenhouse!

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