January 02, 2015

Glamour Shots: New Year's Cactus and Ugly Bulbs

This is my favorite of the Schlumbergeras that Miss Trudy gave me cuttings. Miss Trudy died in 2014 following a long and useful life. Her memory lives on.  

This particular pot took a notion to wait until after Christmas to bloom, unlike its twin that bloomed in the house all during the Holidays. 

I transferred its plastic pot into my new gold-trimmed pot.

I learned a lesson about improvised duct tape trays. The cardboard gets limp in high humidity. Greenhouse trays need to be waterproof. 

More learning experiences from the Hyacinth trial. 

Instead of chilling hyacinth bulbs first, I set the bulbs in soil and put pot and all into a refrigerator. I think I mentioned before that I forgot to check the vegetable drawers for left-over fruit and there were pears in there. Perhaps there will be no bloom. Oops.

I brought them out today, eight weeks of chill. In plastic bags against the drying effect of a frost-free refrigerator, the bulbs were covered in blue mold. Not to worry, according to Brent and Becky. It washed off easily when I watered.

Hyacinth bulbs, reset. These were a mixed bag.
2 pots of mostly blue, one of white and/or yellow.

The second lesson is that I didn't cover the bulbs with soil, just set them with most of the bulb showing. Instead of developing roots drawing down into the soil, roots pushed the bulbs upward. They were willy-nilly in the pots.

Carefully I reset the bulbs into the soil and covered those pretty white roots. I hope they are going to pull downward now. I looked for signs of sprouting.

Bulb at top has a tiny bit of sprout emerging, not yet green.

The New Year is a time of expectation. Bulbs that wait through the fall begin to sprout. Daffodil foliage is emerging outdoors. My word for the New Year is Joy


Alison said...

Joy is a good word for the new year. There are always lessons to be learned in the garden, and in the greenhouse. I am hoping for Hyacinth flowers for you.

outlawgardener said...

Joy to you my friend! I love your later-blooming Schlumbergera and it's new pot! Fingers crossed for hyacinth blooms.

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