January 30, 2015

Still Farming Tomatoes

We might have fried green tomatoes or stewed tomatoes as these ripen. They're ready faster than we can eat, some days.

I took off 4 suckers and put in little pots to root. May as well keep clones of this plant going. Some of the suckers have tiny buds forming.


This plant was grown from a sucker snipped from the axil of a tomato in my garden. Now that I know that Better Boy is not a recommended variety for greenhouse growing, I wonder what I might have accomplished under glass
with a better plant?


This is one of my more successful plant trials. Someone on Facebook asked to trade seeds. Seeds from a hybrid tomato are worthless. You get 'Tommy Toes' -- a throwback to a cherry sized parent somewhere in the tomato's heritage. Where do seed vendors get their seeds for hybrids?  


Dorothy Borders said...

Those tomatoes look yummy and make me anxious for the time when I can put my plants in the ground - about six weeks from now. (Unfortunately, I don't have a greenhouse.)

outlawgardener said...

Better Boy sure worked well in your greenhouse! Genius of you to take cuttings to keep the hybrid going. I'd have never thought of that!

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