February 09, 2015

A Container that Wants Watering from the Outside

The other day we discussed lichens on Outlaw Gardener.

Today when I was trading places with Christmas Cactuses which are all done now and awaiting summering outside and Amaryllis, which needs a taller space because buds are showing up, I thought to take my improvised planter made of hardware cloth, pieces of bark and sticks for the back because I ran out of bark, outside for a good watering because water tends to run out all the crevices.

This is kind of its baby photo, from early on.

I was awestruck by the back side after a good watering.

 The plants showed up better from the other side because they've been following the sun but the container is lichen encrusted for a real show. 


Alison said...

Oh, that has come on quite nicely. Love all those wonderful lichens clinging to it.

outlawgardener said...

Your planter is growing in very well and the lichens on the back are wonderful!

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