February 11, 2015

A Peek into the Greenhouse: Changes

It's possible to cram many plants into a small greenhouse. What gets difficult is getting around to reach everything for watering.

Not so long ago I moved shelves from against the wall to a right angle. Some plants were hard to reach and I felt that space was wasted in front of the potting bench.

So moved the shelves again -- out to the middle. There's a path on either side and I can reach everything that needs watering

If you look carefully, right in the middle, Ike the Cat is lounging on the potting bench. Then he decided that everything newly placed was HIS domain.
 Leveling was a real trick. It took a crowbar prying up a brick and my digging out a little sand underneath to get things somewhat level.

The boards on the red cart were supposed to be for seed trays. I thought the painted tin pots would discourage Ike. He just knocks them off. I think he ate an anole today. I walked up just in time to see him swallow the last of something green.

One change that is very pleasing was getting the Bird's Nest Fern out from under the shelf above it. Fronds were starting to grow through the cracks between the boards.
 While nobody was watching, a new crop of 'birds' hatched out in the center.

If too much light here, the fern and the palm can trade places.

Looking in the opposite direction.
Mistletoe Cactus has buds, so cute. 

Tomato plant in the corner, Kalanchoe cuttings in bud and 
an Amaryllis. Most of the Hippeastrums lost their labels;
This one has 2. I still have to wait until the bud opens.
I think it is Benfica but the other label says Appleblossom.

Today was fine weather for working outside. Tomorrow night we expect a low of 27º and 28º on Friday night. 


outlawgardener said...

I like your new arrangement almost as muck as Ike! Your comment, "I think he ate an aloe..." made me laugh out loud! Those low temps - yikes! At least it warms up during the day.

Alison said...

Sorry you're getting such cold temperatures there. It wasn't me who left the door open, I swear. In fact, right now, we're having some rather nice weather, overcast but in the 50s/low 60s. If the flower show wasn't going on, I'd be out in the garden.

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