February 14, 2015

Bloom Day in the Greenhouse

Just a peek at a few blossoms.

Begonias are usually a sure thing for blooms.

Stunning in red, they are pretty in pink, too.

Mistletoe Cactus Rhipsalis has fat buds about to open.

There are white Begonia blooms at lower left, just so you
know I have white, too.  Amaryllis bulbs are slow so this
is as close to a bloom as I have, a fat Benfica bud.
Behind are Kalanchoes just coming into bloom and you 
can see tomatoes in the back ground. I picked 3, ripe.

Tomatoes are still blooming too.

Spider plant entered into the spirit of things with little
white blooms on long, long stems.

Chlorophytum comosum blooms, little spiders on the ends.

First of Pentas cuttings to bloom. Ready for Spring.

 Usually there are blue conehead blooms on Persian Shield in late winter. Only Purple Heart has blooms so far. They are in separate pots but jammed in together willy nilly under a bench for a little shade.

Hyacinths are blooming outside while these just kind of 
took their time. At least the buds were not killed when I 
put them in a refrigerator to chill where there was fruit. 

I dressed the pots with moss as the Swedish do.
Winter is not over. These will be wonderful in bloom.

Join the fun at May Dreams Gardens on Sunday to see what's blooming in gardens everywhere. 

If you haven't a bloom to show, rush out and buy an orchid plant. They are not nearly as difficult as you've been led to believe. The one I bought before Christmas has just shed its last bloom and my older plants have new bloom stalks emerging, one with fat buds the size of grapes. I keep mine in the house in an east-facing window.


Alison said...

I bought a Mistletoe Rhipsalis at the garden show. I hope you remember to show the flowers once they open, just for me.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Happy Bloom day...I thought about you this morning...when I was in my greenhouse I noticed some of my plants appeared to be touched with frost bite. I thought about your greenhouse and how it is not transparent like mine..I started to wonder if that was by design...I suspect the material is also thicker than mine...but my greenhouse doesn't see to insulate as well...wouldn't dare go back to visqeen but it did seem to insulate better..that being said when it gets warmer they plants won't cook.

outlawgardener said...

You always have such interesting things happening in your greenhouse. Come on hyacinths, bloom! They really look wonderful with the moss on them!

Bernie H said...

So much going on in your greenhouse. I love seeing those tiny little white flowers on the Spider Plant. Quite lovely.

Rose said...

How wonderful to have a greenhouse! I do have a Dragonwing Begonia in bloom that I've managed to overwinter in the house this year, but I wish I had the room to overwinter more plants. Persian Shield is one of my favorite accent plants, and some years it is hard to find at the nurseries. And tomatoes in February--what a treat!

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