February 24, 2015

Busy Work


Yesterday was sunny with some wind. I hauled out a couple of pots of seedling Amaryllis that were getting hit or miss watering behind bigger pots of something else so they can get better care.

Seedlings planted in 2012, photo from 2014.
Bulbs have doubled in size now and have new growth.

I divided another cluster of Amaryllis seedlings that were in a single pot. There are now 8 small pots; two pots have 2 small bulbs. This is the kind of busy work that I most enjoy.


I brought a pot of Hyacinths into the house  -- the pot on the right. When they reach full bloom I am mostly done with them. Joy for me is in the growing. 

Likely one bulb of Woodstock and 4 of Jan Bos. 


Other busy work took care of Iberis. These are heirloom Candytuft that I have had for more than 40 years. They moved once again because there wasn't room for the tractor to easily come through with a scoop to move dirt from beside the new shed site without running over them. 

Note: the concrete slab for the Mule Barn is curing, forms are gone and the building is being fabricated in Doerun, GA.

I replanted Candytuft farther back in the bed and took cuttings. A dozen cuttings: some new growth pieces and some with hardened stems just to see.

Geraniums Are in my Plans

One of the Swedish bloggers that I read had photos today of her Pelargonium plants. She took 70 cuttings from 10 plants and said she had 60 more to stick. That will make 140 plants total because the 10 old plants looked great.

When I read that a local high school plans a plant sale next month, I decided to buy a flat of 15 Geraniums (Pelargoniums). Maybe I should rethink that. If they all live, imagine the cuttings I will be compelled to take late next winter.

I haven't grown Geraniums that I remember since 1975. We had a Boston Terrier who always stopped to smell the geraniums when he went outdoors. When he died an untimely death, I planted Geraniums on his little grave in the back yard and inscribed his concrete slab, "Here Lies Happy, a better man than what shot him."

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Ally said...

Those hyacinth are gorgeous! That's such a smart way to create some cheery color. I have some grape hyacinth out in the garden, but they tend to bloom at a time when I'm not out there much to enjoy them.

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