February 06, 2015

Hope for my Hapless Hyacinths

Remember when I discovered there were forgotten pears in the extra refrigerator into which I'd put my hyacinths to chill? I was certain that the experts were right and every little blossom embryo would be dead, dead.

Narcissus turned out well. How can they not, they don't have to hang out in a fridge for 9 weeks. You just plant bulbs in soil, water and wait.

Buds are emerging in all my pots, every bulb has buds.

Light colored bulbs are usually white or yellow.

I took a page from the Swedish bloggers and added moss.

Outside, foliage and buds are peeking out in places I had forgotten about.

Under this Camellia on a southern exposure, some mixed bulbs from years back are starting to bloom. These two are ahead of their companions.

 Seedling Camellia

These last two are early teasers from beds with hyacinths.

Which are more exciting to see, the first Hyacinths or the First Daffodils?


Bernie H said...

It's all exciting to my eyes. I don't get to see things like this here. How wonderful to see all those bulbs sprouting.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

How lovely, signs of spring are starting to abound.....winters make you forget there was once color for whatever reason..

Casa Mariposa said...

My daffs are still deciding if they even want to poke their leaves up and the crocus are in denial. But I do have a brave, over achieving hellebore I'm quite proud of. Love all your life and color. :o)

Anja said...

Camelia and Hyacinths! Gorgeous! These are two of my favorites too !

Sallysmom said...

You put me to shame. You have so much energy! I wish you could mail some my way.

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