February 17, 2015

Hyacinths Were like Planting a Box of Chocolates

"... you never know what you're going to get," said Forrest's Mama. She was right.

I bought a mixed bag of 15 Hyacinths with 7 different colors on the package front. I divided them by bulb color, think that the light tan bulbs would surely be white and yellow which it looks as if they will be.

The purple bulbs I figured for blue and maybe a pink or two. I think there are some surprises in those pots.

Do I see orange? Can that be beet-red? First to open is a darker pink than what I usually buy. Am I going to have Fiesta pots?

I made plans earlier to buy certain colors next fall. I may try this again instead. It's exciting to see something different than expected when the weather is less than ideal outside.


outlawgardener said...

Fun surprises after that suspenseful wait!

Les said...

I do love the smell of hyacinths, but with all of those, you could be run out of your greenhouse in a day or two.

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