February 16, 2015

Kalanchoes Potted Up

Hard to believe that I wrote to pot up Kalanchoe cuttings and actually did so and put them where I wrote they should go. Immediately I broke a bloom, watering other plants.

Kalanchoe cuttings

Work started on the Mule Barn on Monday. Freezes are coming so it may progress slowly.

Hyacinths are starting to open. I expected all the dark bulbs to be blue or purple. First opening is pink. I noticed in some of the NW Garden Show photos that they mixed all colors willy nilly in an explosion of color.

I like to separate mixed bulbs into similar bulb colors and see what kind of combos I get. My favorites are shades of pink and lavenders, or several blues together. Yellow and white works well too. Maybe next year I'll order off for more combos or all of a color for different spots.

I've been watering a good-sized potted Agapanthus from seed and a pot with several plants with similar leaves that I thought were also Agapanthus. I looked more closely today. I think the pot with the smaller leaves is a pot full of seedling Amaryllis with small bulbs formed. Won't that be a daisy? They are crowded and need separating.

You would think I would label better. Then there would not be all these little surprises, however.


Alison said...

I bet the Hyacinths smell heavenly. There WERE lots of colors all mixed up at the show. My favorite Hyacinth there was a very dark, deep blue. I need to do better at my labeling too.

outlawgardener said...

Ah but if you labeled better you'd deprive yourself of all of these fun surprises! Love the white pots!

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