March 18, 2015

Amaryllis and Patio

I am in awe of these Hippeastrums. I dawdled along and never bought new bulbs. I did take time to repot or at least add soil to the big pots at the end of summer.

Benfica and Apple Blossom

I wasn't sure this was Apple Blossom because the color is more intense than the first pot that opened. This one was in the greenhouse, I took the first on into the house to speed its bloom when it was so cold. Or maybe the pale one is not Apple Blossom. This one passed the sniff test: very fragrant.

I spent part of the morning getting ready for greenhouse plants to move out to  shade under the juniper tree. Schlumbergeras and friends will summer here.

Rough shelves around the edges will hold flower pots. I might put a table and chairs there.

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outlawgardener said...

If it's time for plants to start moving out, it must be almost summer!

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