March 15, 2015

Bloom Day Peek into the Greenhouse

This time of year we are eager to get things moved out, hesitant to do so because of that inevitable late frost hanging over our heads (and plants) and feeling guilty because we didn't plant more seeds in a timely fashion.

Besides the Amaryllis that finally decided to show up buds, the prettiest thing I have in bloom are Kalanchoes.

I talked about having more colors last year and never bought any with colorful blossoms. I am looking forward to a local FFA plant sale in a little more than a week. I think they will have Kalanchoes.

What I really want is some of their Pelargoniums. Like Kalanchoes, they perform better when cuttings are taken and new plants grown each year. That's one of my favorite garden tasks: taking cuttings.

Amaryllis bloomed: Apple Blossom, Benfica, Nymph and Exotica. Notice another Apple Blossom on the step stool at right and there are more. Also  notice four rooted tomato suckers on the second shelf below the Amaryllis. There are buds on two pots of Amaryllis that I am not sure which are offsets and which are seedlings. If a seedling blooms it will be a first for me. I can tell by the blossoms if they are offsets. Seedlings will be unlike anything else here. I must start labeling better.

  Blooming Pentas cuttings kept over winter and a different view of the 4 tomato plants.

I thought by now that the tomato plant that has prospered in the greenhouse since last July would be done. New growth, new fruits formed and more new blooms are its answer. I have to rig a way to support long vines as the bottom leaves die off and new growth keeps ever upward.

I picked a half pound tomato yesterday. I have to decide which plants will not return to the greenhouse next fall and make sure there is room for the four tomatoes that will grow in pots so we can hope to share tomatoes with the neighbors next winter.

'Exotica' Hippeastrum in front of the Tomato plant.

Happy Bloom Day. Happy Spring.


Alison said...

Happy Bloom Day! That tomato plant still producing amazes me.

Les said...

I normally go for color too, but I like the white Kalanchoes in white pots.

outlawgardener said...

Your tomato plant is a wonder and next year, you'll feed a multitude. First five loaves and two fish and now this! It's always nice to have a vegetable with the meal. I'm in love with 'Exotica' and will look for it next year! Happy GBBD!

Kalantikan said...

Your white ceramic planters are lovely. We don't normally make indoor plantings because plants here love the outdoors. I am trying to increase my hippeastrum collection but they are so expensive online, so i increased my hoyas instead. But a few of my hippeastrum are still thriving well. I smiled at your tomatoes, they seem to like going out to the sun, haha!

Vasudha Somayaji said...

Happy to see the white kalanchoes.. I have the red ones with me now blooming here in India

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