March 12, 2015

Further DIY Adventures of Tedious and Tinkle in the Mule Barn

Spring just opened right on up while we were in the throes of watching the Mule Barn get built. Now we are inside trying to make it the fun place I dreamed of.

When we're done there will be more than 47 running feet of 2 foot shelving around most of 3 sides at desk top level. Meanwhile there are plants of interest in the greenhouse.

While I was hardly paying attention to the greenhouse, Benfica bloomed.




None of these are new this year. As a matter of fact, Exotica spent a couple of years outdoors and I dug it up last summer. 

Tomatoes are still ripening back there and new 'maters  coming on.

I did manage to take time to root four new tomato plants from suckers and they've already been potted up to bigger pots. Despite all the excitement and activity I tried to keep the watering done and once in a while something got planted or repotted or at least maintained.

Persian Shield and Purple Heart,
Lemon Grass and Bromeliads.

Begonias and friends, a clump of Echinacea and some Rhipsalis still blooming.

One more look into the Mule Barn where I brought in a piece of garden equipment to see how it is going to fit. 

... and I finally located a pic of the Mule (and Buffy). 

Daffodil season has almost flown by without notice except when I go to the mailbox. Today I noticed that Minnow jonquillas have decided to bloom for the first time in years. 

There's lots to see and do in the garden while I am caught up with work with Tedious and dealing with making sure water drains away from the building properly.

We talked today about how Spring seems to have arrived and the always present possibility that a late killing frost will happen on April 15. 


Alison said...

Oh My, Exotica is gorgeous! I'm going to try to remember that one, for next year. I'm not a big fan of all the Christmasy ones, but that color I just adore.

outlawgardener said...

So much happening, spring, mule barn, Buffy's driving lessons, year round fresh tomatoes, and your gorgeous amaryllis in bloom! All wonderful and exciting. Your mule barn will be so wonderful with all of that shelving! I'm very happy for you!

Janie Jurkiewicz said... know I thought you really meant a mule. I was gonna ask if you were going to use the manure. When I saw the interior I was confused about how the mule goes in there...finally realized you meant a vehicle.....figured it out finally.

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