March 28, 2015

Greenhouse Peek: Plants That Need New Locations

The succulents that moved outside may feel a chill tonight when the low is 39º F.

These cuttings are from last fall, Pentas and Porterweeds.

I kept a jar of cuttings in water all winter They started as 
a Pentas bouquet. Some have roots now. Others I cut below 
the next node and put in soil to try to coax roots. A Dozen.

The shelf unit has turned again. Plants will be directly under
the mist when warmer weather comes. Maybe tomatoes?

Picked this one Friday. Plant in the greenhouse since August.

Four tomato suckers are ready for a larger pot.
Plan to have tomatoes indoors this summer. 
Not sure yet whether I'll start more at summer's end.

Just what I need: more Amaryllis. Seedlings.

There's always that token Begonia or some other little rooted bit in a cup.
Alternanthera cuttings in mugs of water and pots of soil are ready to 
plant out. Guess what? Some made it through the winter outside. 

Worth the wait: lemon seeds sprouted.


Anna K said...

Wow - you really DO have the magic touch! Amaryllis from seeds! I'm more impressed than I have words to express - I would likely forget to water in the first week or so, and kill anything even remotely thinking about sprouting. Your patience and perseverance are inspiring!

outlawgardener said...

So much going on in your greenhouse this time of year as the big shift happens! You have the magic touch with seeds!

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