March 07, 2015

Mule Barn Construction

The building is finished as far as being erected.

To Follow: coating the cement floor, building shelves and other finish work on the inside and outside improvements to better direct water away from the foundation.

Mule -- not. Kubota.

Update: that is not my Mule, but close. But you get the idea. We don't have live mules. At the clinic in Tallahassee today, we talked with a couple who used to buy and sell horses. Lots and lots of work, keeping animals. Little vehicles you just put in gasoline or in the one above diesel fuel and off you go. 


Les said...

Will you indeed be keeping mules in the mule barn?

Jean Campbell said...

Modern-day Mule by Kawasaki.

outlawgardener said...

The excitement grows!

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