March 31, 2015

Mule Barn to Have Lights Soon

It takes a while but we're getting there.

LIghts are in place on the left-hand side. Tomorrow we'll wire the right-hand side.
You are not seeing bare wires across there. Cables that brace the building frame criss cross the ceiling. There's  a small chain going across to the girt above the window frames that pulls the vent open and closed in the center of the ceiling.

DSCF9967 from Jean Campbell on Vimeo.
Sometimes I forget that videos must be done with the camera horizontal. Here we are just making sure everything is going to work properly once the lift is inside the Mulre barn.

DSCF9971 from Jean Campbell on Vimeo.
This view is from the tractor seat. The only thing I am allowed to do is stop the engine and start it again. The engine has to run for the lift to work. You can only see the legs of He-Who-Mows as the lift goes up. He did the work along the perimeter on a ladder. This way is cumbersome but a good safe place to stand to use drills and put pipe together.

Small blurry detail of installed wire on the right, wires ready to run through conduit to finish the right side wiring on the left. You can see the ends of the brace cables where they attach to the frame. The big conduit carries the wires that go to the light switch.

Assembling pieces of the outlets.

Outlets are ready.

Mowing is on hold. I tend my plants and things when He-Who takes a break to rest his back. 

We rigged an extension cord to try out the lights after dark comes to see if 4 lights in the ceiling are sufficient. There will be work lights for anything done near the floor. I'm happy. 


Alison said...

Hooray for electricity, and hooray for husbands who know how to do this stuff.

outlawgardener said...

He Who really lights up your life! Power to the people! Shockingly wonderful news! Sorry, I couldn't resist but am truly happy for your progress!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

lol...I mentioned to my husband a while back that you refer to him as He Who Mows....I still think it's too funny. Happy Easter, Nell...

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