March 26, 2015

Orchids on an Outing

My Orchids went outdoors today. It's easier to water indoor plants if they're outside on a ledge where water can drain away.

Maybe they don't really enjoy a bit of time outdoors.
In my mind, they do. Cloudy day, no chance of sunburn.

Two different Paphs are in bloom and one on the right has a little bloom spike with a mitten and other tiny buds forming. The one we bought at Christmastime has finished and the bloom spike cut back in case it takes a notion to bloom again.

In other news, Tomato plants are tall and leggy and need new and bigger pots again. There are some suckers I could easily pinch out and root.

You need to see Exotica and Apple Blossom. Again. I never tire of them.

Progress on wiring the Mule Barn moves right along. We now have outlets along the shelves but no electricity. Yet. Getting down on the concrete floor to attach conduit and run wires was so miserable for He-Who that I took Buffy's nice comfy dog bed out of the Dog Hut for him to lie on yesterday. Hey, we do what works. 

Today he sat in a chair to attach the outlet wires and tomorrow we're starting on the over head lights and the switch and outlet by the door. Big heavy ladder in place, preliminary plan worked out -- moving right along.   


outlawgardener said...

The orchids seem to be enjoying their outing. They sure look beautiful! I can see why you never tire of looking at those gorgeous amaryllis! Exciting progress on the mule barn!

Ally said...

When I take my plants out for a bit of fresh air, I call it a "plant field trip". I used to like field trips back in my school days, so I imagine the plants enjoy their little field trips too.

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