March 20, 2015

Spring Peek into the Greenhouse

First Day of Spring. I moved 28 pots of Schlumbergeras out yesterday to my improvised urban stone patio. They aren't very attractive out of bloom but worth keeping around for next Winter's Thanksgiving and Christmas blossoms.

Pots of Rhapsalidopsis are still indoors. Only two have buds. Other succulents yet to move are Epiphyllums and Kalanchoes. 

Note the little open hole near the bottom? That's Mr. Kitty's space. He will complain later because I set a pot of rooted Echinacea right where he jumps up on the potting bench. It may be on the floor when I go back.

Bromeliads haven't moved yet. In the foreground is Agapanthus and Lemon grass. I plan to leave the Agapanthus in a pot, just to see. Frosts knock them back here; those in the parking lots at Sams in Tallahassee were nice and green when we were last there. That Graptopetalum at right has buds.

Ghost Plant with buds

Amaryllis seedlings.

Amaryllis seedlings in bud.

This may be Spartacus, or another Apple Blossom.

White Shrimp Plant

Pentas need planting out.
Butterflies are showing up now that Azaleas are starting to bloom.

Alternanthera, some rooted in water, some in soil.


Alison said...

You really are a propagation queen! Poor Mr. Kitty. I need to work on my Bromeliad tree.

outlawgardener said...

So many things to do in the garden in spring! You are one busy gardener! I just started tomato seeds a couple of days ago and am looking forward to seeing them pop their little heads out of the ground. My greenhouse has plastic pots of dirt everywhere. There are bulbs and tubers in there somewhere. Dahlias have sprouted. I love your greenhouse peeks!

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