March 03, 2015

Top Hit Hyacinth and Mule Barn Update

This is a hyacinth that I have grown for more than fifteen years. This bulb may be that old.

Hyacinthus 'Top Hit'

They are described as shades of lilac and lavender. This is one that I never forced.  

Mule Barn

It's too early to show pictures but the Mule Barn needs a little more 'skin' on the front and a roof. The doors are in place. Once the steel is all in place, we are on our own for the inside.

The color is some sort of Sand. Sand color buildings here look as if they rose out of the ground rather than settling here from elsewhere if they were pure white or some darker or brighter color.

It won't shade the greenhouse as much as I feared.

Unable to stand not being able to 'help' I went out front and in the upper garden and divided Muhly grass and Vetiver and replanted. Pieces of Muhly that were too small to replant I put into 4 little pots to grow into a clump.  I divided some Echinacea as well. Some of it lost roots, so those pieces are potted up to grow roots.

I went out and stood in the Mule Barn a while ago. Blue sky with white fluffy clouds overhead looked good. I mentally measured where shelves will go and where garden equipment will park. Maybe a rocking chair out there?

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outlawgardener said...

The excitement and anticipation builds! Can't wait to see pictures of your mule barn!

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