April 04, 2015

Colors of Easter in the Greenhouse

On my hunt for Easter Egg colors in the garden, I found a variety of flowers.
This first one from the greenhouse is technically already outside. There are more still inside, this large one is the only one with open blooms.


Commonly called Easter Cactus.
I expect it will still be blooming at Mother's Day.

Still blooming: Amaryllis are usually thought of as Christmas flowers. Mine kind of bloom when they're ready.



This last one bloomed before Thanksgiving. Now it has a notion to bloom again. There is one more pot with a good sized bulb that I think might be Spartacus.

None of the Broms are blooming.
This one has the best color of any.


Begonias bloom year around. This one is a tiny cutting in a yogurt cup.
On the right is a rooted Pentas cutting, kept in water all winter and now getting ready to go out to the garden soon.


More rooted cuttings; these spent the winter in soil. A single early purple bloom on the Porterweed, I expect red blooms soon. Persian Shield got too dry but revived well. There are Purple Heart Cuttings and some other odds and ends to plant when I can. I think warm weather is here to stay.

Greenhouse plants kept in the house: 2 orchids in bloom and one has buds.

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