April 03, 2015

Do Snakes Have Elbows and other Garden Observations

Where did March go? Suddenly it was warm and blossoms were everywhere and I almost let it slip by without observations.

This fellow startled me when I was weeding. At first glance I thought, "Snake!" Then I noticed his cute little elbows. He has knees, too. I bet he eats lots of bugs.

The part of the Mule Barn wiring that requires a ladder is done.

Roses are budded and coming into bloom, starting with the Knockouts.
Julia Child produced an early yellow bloom that I brought indoors.

Not every Azalea blooms at the same time; 
they were spectacular with Dogwoods.


Spiderwort planted itself everywhere. When its big show is over, it can be cut to the ground to start over. Judge Solomon Azaleas shown
; many of the Formosa type bloomed poorly after the freezes. Kurumes' double blooms made up for it.

Graptopetalum has blooms. It is outside for the summer, at the mercy of Squirrels.
Epiphyllums and Schlumbergeras moved outdoors for the summer, too.
Still lots of plants in the greenhouse clamoring for tending.

After looking at dozens of greenhouse landscapes on Claus Dalby's site, I decided last year that the greenhouse should have white plants around and near it. I put Philadelphus on each side of the door. It's growing nicely. To say that Philadelphus has a tendency to sucker does not describe how this shrub spreads. In another year it should make a grand green screen to shade the west end of the greenhouse all summer and bare limbs will let in the winter sun.

On the north side, Gardenias, 6 of them, have reached a good size in just two years. On the south side is a mix of Candytuft, old-fashioned Iris at the end, and Gerbera daisies, some of which are pink. Sedum acre is making a good groundcover and it looks as if white Lantana is coming back.

Around the pumphouse nearby are a number of white shrubs including more Phildelphus, Spiraea, more Gardenias and a white Loropetalum that needs pruning as badly as the Loropetalums that I limbed into trees yesterday.  The only shrub with color is a mauve Althea (Hibiscus syriacus) that has sentimental value. I need to take cuttings. 

Philadelphus with all its suckers and wayward limbs. 

Ah, Spring! Happy Easter.


Alison said...

Happy Easter to you too! Glad the wiring requiring a ladder is done, always a scary prospect (at least for me). Great photo of the snake with elbows (a skink?) I'm planning to start shifting a few plants out of the greenhouse in a few weeks.

Les said...

I wish my garden had lizards. I probably wouldn't mind a snake or two either, as long as I was never surprised by them.

outlawgardener said...

So many beautiful blooms! Spring is a grand time in the garden! Like Alison, I'll be waiting a little while before shifting plants out of the greenhouse for the summer. Happy Easter!

Southern Rural Route said...

All of our azaleas put on a poor showing this year. We had some very cold weather that struck just as they were scheduled to bloom.

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