April 30, 2015

End of the Month sans Views

There are no end of month views for the greenhouse.

Bromeliads have moved outside except for one or two. Bromeliad tree tipped over for a near disaster but it's back together and in place in the shade.

Planted in the past two days include a red and white Crape Myrtle that Miss Winnie rooted for me. Alyssum planted itself in the pot, so it's a bouquet in the ground now even before the Crape blooms.

Two good plants of Cymbopogon went in the oval lawn bed on the north side. Not all the Lemon Grass outdoors survived the cold winter.

Lemon Grass from 2013.

Emptying the greenhouse is not a one-day task. Meanwhile, tomatoes are growing like crazy and requiring more support. 

I repotted the Bromeliad that I bought last year that had two pups. I left it in the tiny pot all this time and it thrived despite tight shoes, Vriesea splendens Red overcame its humble beginnings and is a nice plant now, the two pups still with the original plant. It's a bright pale green, red being the color of the quill. I hope to see blooms by this fall. 

There's another Amaryllis about to bloom. 

The greenhouse needs a good scrubbing outside and all pots of a color gathered together. Ike the Cat likes the new arrangement that gives him a better place to lounge. 



outlawgardener said...

It's very nice of you to tidy up Ike's lounge. He's tired of all those pesky plant pots taking up his space. Next, a kitty bed, big screen T.V. and catnip planted all around!

Jean Campbell said...

I can't figure out how to have a tomato factory and brugs in the same little space this winter -- and a decent kitty lounge for a piker who not only hogs the greenhouse but sprawls in the dog hut mornings and hides in the equipment barn every evening so someone will coax him out...

gld said...

I can't tell you how many times we have locked up the cats overnight in the shop! They love sleeping on the hood of the vehicles.

I am heading off to read about your tomato project. I am wondering if you are growing a type especially developed for greenhouses.

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