April 19, 2015

Last Hippeastrums Indoors

I don't know if there will be Amaryllis blooming in the garden later -- some foliage showed up here and there.


Spartacus and Apple Blossom

I love Apple Blossom because of the fragrance. There's one left to bloom, an offset that I potted up. Still waiting for seedlings; it may take a long time.

Another view of Spartacus

Broader views take in two plants in the Great Tomato Plan.

I haven't decided whether I'll haul that big heavy pot of 
Bromeliad tree outdoors.

The Plan is to grow tomatoes up through places where
they have support.

So far they're reaching for the sun.

Speaking of sun, it peeked out of the clouds just briefly.
NOAA warns of heavy thunderstorms headed this way.


Alison said...

Ugh, thunderstorms. A scarier prospect where you live than they are here. Hope there are no tornadoes.

outlawgardener said...

The tomatoes look like they're cooperating with your plan and your amaryllis are still gorgeous. Hope the thunderstorms don't do any damage! Of course, that's not very good gardening weather, is it?

chloris said...

You have Hippeastrum seedlings? I had seed pods for the first time and I now have some nice little seedlings. Have you done it before? Do you know how long it takes them to get big enough to bloom?

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