April 14, 2015

Peek into the Greenhouse on the day before Bloom Day

I am slow about removing plants this year except for Schlumbergera and other jungle cacti which have moved to their summer home.


Rhipsalidopsis is blooming on the summer patio.

A last Hippeastrum: Apple Blossom

This Amaryllis is in bud behind tomato blooms may be orange. 

This is the year of the great Tomato Trial to see if
tomatoes will produce in high heat. I picked a ripe tomato today from the plant that spent the winter indoors. That plant, brought indoors last August still has tomatoes and occasional blooms. 
Four new container plants are in place and blooming. 

Begonia cutting.

Begonias do well in heat
I want to get some Geraniums -- Pelargoniums if you're not from the South.

White Kalanchoe

It's time to hang some shade on the west end. Already using mist when the sun shines. We had a black snake last week. Ike the cat did not welcome the snake.

Happy Bloom Day.

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outlawgardener said...

Looking forward to your tomato trial! I bought three plants in gallon pots for earlier tomatoes as my seedlings are just getting their first leaves. I planted way too many so if I pot them all up, there will be lots of plants to give away and lots of tomatoes to share when they start producing. My greenhouse has only gotten up to the mid seventies so far because of the shade of the bamboo grove. Just started moving a few things out. We also call them geraniums in the north but the botanists are encouraging us to call them Pelargonium.

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