April 06, 2015

The Great Big Tomato Experience

At the end of January I rooted 4 suckers off my famous winter tomato plant. Sometime later I bumped them up from the little pots to bigger pots that hold maybe 2 quarts of soil. They grew and grew.

Yesterday I bought the biggest bale of potting soil and He-Who-Mows dumped it off the back of the truck per my instructions, so nobody had to lift such a heavy thing. I put the tomato plants on my little green wagon and improvised a potting table right there.

They were getting near pot-bound. Circling roots were easily teased out.

These pots are 4 gallon, I think. The biggest I have, anyway. I clipped off lower leaves and planted plants deeper than they were growing before.

I can't pass up a potential new plant -- sucker -- sucker for a sucker, 3 of them.

I'll show you later how they will be supported in the greenhouse. I think I can grow tomatoes indoors through the summer. Last year purple Alternanthera grew to the top of the walls, why not tomatoes? Alison did it.

I moved the single plant that produced all winter into the greenhouse in August, still about as hot as it gets here. I can shade these from the evening sun from the west if necessary. 

The original single plant has green tomatoes still. We ate one last Friday. Actually it isn't an original plant. It was a sucker off one of last summer's outdoor plants. Wonder how long I could keep clones of this tomato going?

The new plants are blooming and nighttime temperatures are just right for forming fruit. I can hardly wait. 

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